Who Are We

High Tide Initiatives helps you create a strategic philanthropy program that matches your interests, passions and bottom line. We bring to the table more than ten years of experience within the non-profit arena.

How can we help

We focus on high net worth individuals, foundations and businesses that need guidance to create a giving program that is customized to suit you.

Our task is to find the answers to the many questions you have when deciding how and where to invest your money. Our goal is to empower you throughout the giving process.

High Tide Initiatives works with you to determine your interests and passions and then provide a unique targeted list of organizations that match your criteria.

foundationsHigh Tide Initiatives will work with your foundation to develop a focused approach to giving and investing that is both directed and flexible.

BusinessHigh Tide Initiatives will work with your company to determine the best organizations with which to partner for sponsorship or in-kind giving in order to match your objectives. We evaluate your mission and vision and determine complementary organizations that make sense.

make us part of your team

Consider us a part of your financial arsenal. Whether an individual, a foundation or a business, we work with you to create a customized plan that will focus on and satisfy your philanthropic interests.

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